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Playing with visualisations

Today the students and I have played around with visualizations in Google Fusion and Manyeyes. Scott has exported data from the ELMCIP Electronic Literature Knowledge Base, so we’ve been making pie charts and timelines and maps and so forth. Here are the […]

Electronic literature

Place Their Face

I’m writing an encyclopedia entry on email novels for a guide to digital textuality and came across one that was new-to-me: Mo Fanning’s Place Their Face, the 2007 story of Lisa Doyle, a single, slightly desperate woman looking for love, whose email inbox […]

Electronic literature

Publishers, literature and apps

(UPDATE: Please read Harald Fougner from Gyldendal’s comment to this post, which shows that there is indeed more to this than I had imagined. Thanks Harald.) One of the biggest Norwegian publishers, Gyldendal, is inviting new, unpublished authors to a writing competition in […]

Spam poetry

Occasionally I get a spam comment that’s simply beautiful. This is poetry, and I don’t have the heart to relegate it to the spam bin, but if I publish it as a comment I’d approve the emailer and risk future bad comments […]

hypertekst og Bringværds “Faen”

Dette er et opplegg jeg skal bruke for å innarbeide grunnleggende hypertekstbegreper og introdusere tekstlesning av ikkelineære tekster. Det er beregnet til å brukes i store studentgrupper uten datamaskiner og uten mye forhåndskunnskap om hypertekstteori, og jeg regner med at det vil […]