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Wikidata as research tool

This is a first draft that I’m using for a quick demo to my colleagues at CDN today. I’ll go through and organise it better within the next few days. – Jill 14.02.2024 In 2022 I learned about FAIR data, the movement […]

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AI and algorithmic culture

Visiting OpenAI

Last night I attended the OpenAI Forum Welcome Reception at OpenAI’s new offices in San Francisco. The Forum is a recently launched initiative from OpenAI that is meant to be “a community designed to unite thoughtful contributors from a diverse array of […]

Making music using data analysis in R

I’m at the Piksel festival listening to Thomas Levine’s artist talk about his data visualisations – or uh, sonifications – in R. He made data music from the iris dataset that is used in so many R tutorials… Making data music is […]