Career advice

I’ve blogged here for nearly 25 years, since I was a PhD student, and I’ve learnt a lot about academia in that time! Here are some blog posts and talks about that.

I began thinking seriously about the Machine Vision project in 2016. I went to my first

Thrust in to being head of department:

I submitted a project proposal to the Norwegian Research Council in 2016, but was rejected – but I got top grades! This can happen with thematic programs – as it turns out I had argued that my project would explore how technology influenced society, but the call was for research on how society influences technology. So read the call! But it also led me to digging in to the gender balance in research funding, which was not great. It has improved somewhat since this.

Running for vice-rector

Be open

Learning to code

Writing for a digital world

  • Establish yourself online! You MUST have an online presence. LinkedIn, Google Scholar and a properly filled out UiB profile page are minimums. Consider writing a blog or a Substack newsletter or have an active Mastadon or whatever.
  • Write in a way that is findable because you want your research to be read! Google is your first reader