the fridge I might buyDoes anyone have any experience with Gorenje fridges? Yes, I just spent two hours researching fridges. I’m renovating, which is awesome, and I’m so looking forward to moving into my upgraded, modern, compact apartment, but for the meantime I’m stuck figuring out which fridge would be best. Because it’s a small flat with a very efficient design (my interior architect is brilliant) slimness is of the essence, so this Gorenje fridge, being merely 54 cm wide, seems a safer choice than the standard Siemens style I’d probably go for otherwise. Also it’s about 30% cheaper, and have curvy doors, which I’m having trouble visualising. And I’d never heard of Gorenje until this evening.

So, of course, I googled. It seems Gorenje is a Slovenian brand that’s only been on the Norwegian market for a few years. I can’t find any regular people talking about their Goranje experiences, but consumer tests done on models no longer for sale have Goranje fridges scoring well, only just under Siemens and Bosch, and above Whirlpool and various other brands. There’s a sentence in one of the tests noting that Gorenje fridges are very quiet.

Last time I bought household equipment I followed the old Norwegian rule: just make sure the engine’s German, and you’ll be fine. This brand new kitchen is being bought at IKEA (a third the price and people say just fine) and to get the built in things easily IKEA-fied, the stove, dishwasher and microwave are Whirlpools. That felt strange. It’s not German! Can anybody but the Germans build dependable household machines?

Scott asked whether there’d be an ice dispenser. Sorry, no! Europeans really don’t do — or even care about — ice the way Americans do. American fridges are fairly easily available in Norway now, which wasn’t the case a few years ago, but they’re still three times the price and way too wide for most kitchens.

Honestly. Fridges. The details one gets caught up in. But hey, at least I’m not wasting time considering the fridge with a TV in the door!

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  1. Lesley

    Snap again. Been there, done that, last month except that I made the wrong decision. I got the IKEA kitchen (oak and stainless steel, nifty) with the Whirlpool stove, dishwasher, oven, microwave AND fridge-freezer. But the fridge is miniscule. Go for the cryvt doors. Very fifties. Very in.
    PS. What do the Americans actually do with all that ice ?

  2. Matthew

    We redid the kitchen last year and certain parts were a headscratcher, but the company we used was very helpful. They also helped us pick the appliances and they had things that you canít get in normal shops. They had all kinds of catalogs for each appliance. My advice would be to go into one of those kitchen design places and get all the catalogs you can. Once you have found the perfect fridge you can figure out how to get it, I do think a company would order one for you even if you donít do your kitchen with them; they are still making a sale. You can just say your fridge broke. You could also call the whatever company you choose directly. Hmm, this brings back a lot of memories.

    Love the fridge with the TV, but no DVD player? What were they thinking!

  3. Scott

    We like cold drinks. And we’re constantly forgetting to fill the ice tray.

  4. Lesley

    Quick explanation of the spelling of “curvy”” in comment above. When I leave you a comment the end of each line gets hidden under the sidebar on the right, so I can’t reread what I’ve just typed. Just so you don’t think I’m spelling-challenged.

  5. Jill

    LOL. I know, the comment box sucks. I keep meaning to fix it but each time I try I get lost in the code.

    Scott, I’ll refill the ice tray 🙂

  6. Christian

    Gorenje is the worst stove I ever had. The german og danish ones have all worked perfectly. Gorenje has been in Denmark for a number of years and I guess the only reason they’re still here is the price.

  7. Anita

    I have a gorenje stove, have had it for a few years and it works fine. I think it was a “best-in-test-thing” as well. So I would go for it:)

  8. Toril

    I have never heard of Gorenje appliances, but sounds kind of Russian to me… German appliances are good, but vastly overprized, and certainly not the quality they used to be, although Miele is the absolute “King of Appliances”!! Whirlpool has a very good reputation, and should be a safe purchase. And by the way, Amercan fridges with ice dispensers are GREAT! I have one, and I LOVE it! In fact, when you get used to them you just can’t live without them, at least it’s inconvenient 🙂

  9. Lisbeth Klastrup

    Jep, as Christian say, Gorenje has been around for some time now in Denmark. I dont think I’ve ever had a Gorenje item myself, but they generally have a good reputation, I think. As one also having a small kitchen (smaller than yours!), I can only recommend thinking in terms of saving space whenever and wherever possible…

  10. Jill

    Oh dear. My interior architect (I love saying that) hasn’t seen this Gorenje fridge, but points out that the curvy door may take more room, making the 6 cm saved moot. I’m going to have to actually physically go and look at one, I guess. Thanks for all your suggestions!

  11. Christian

    Since I am the only one who’s sceptical about the technological knowhow of the proud people of the Zaztava ( and, I asked a professional about his opinion. A few years ago he wouldn’t recommend Gorenje but today quality and price match. So my experience with a Gorenje fridge and stove is outdated. Instead he told me to stay away from Blomberg and Whirlpool.

    I’m sure You know that there’s not much choice if You’re going for a slim fridge. I bought a fridge one year ago which was supposed to fit into a niche which was 59,3 wide. Almost all fridges are at least 59,4. I could choose between only two slim fridges in the biggest appliance store in Aarhus.

  12. Solveig

    I was so happy with my Gorenje fridge that it actually deserves a comment, even if it won¥t fit in your kitchen. You see, the Gorenje fridge I bought was the only one that could fit mine, and I was so lucky when I found it. They recommended it too, as the engine is no longer made in Slovenia or wherever it used to be made. I love the design and the fact that there is no handle on it. Besides, it makes little noice (I used to have a probably “fourth hand” fridge from the fifties that was a beatiful item but a disaster as a fridge, so I might not have the authority to claim that). I only had my Gorenje for a year though, it¥s still in the appartement that I no longer live in…

  13. Jill Walker Rettberg

    I ended up getting a Bosch fridge instead, actually. The curvy door was indeed an issue, and the Bosch with its flat door and handles that don’t stick out much was the only one that could be placed right next to a wall and still have a door that could open all the way. I’m glad to hear your Gorenje fridge is good, Solveig!

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