[Update: later that day. Goodness. Don’t you hate these “busier-than-thou” posts? Oh well, please forgive me, these things happen to the best of us… And I was feeling kinda guilty for not posting!]

Among the next few weeks’ all-consuming tasks are:

  • Read two MA theses
  • grade a 7 cm stack of undergrad portfolios from the web design and web aesthetics course (and that’s just the paper portion of their mostly digital portfolios)
  • making sure all the teaching schedules for various courses this autumn are finalised
  • writing a grant proposal
  • write an abstract for a paper (due yesterday)
  • all the little daily things

But on Friday I move into the corner office.

And in three weeks time my little girl and I are flying to New York! Summer holidays! Hooray!

5 thoughts on “busy busy busy

  1. Toril

    If anybody deserves a corner office it is definitely YOU 🙂 Your summer vacation
    sounds wonderful, and in that part of the world you may even see the SUN. Lucky
    girl!! Enjoy your numerous tasks, at least the semester is coming to an end, for
    all of us…

  2. Gro

    I’m sure you have some leftover time to spend on music
    (nattjazz), beers and friends on friday night. I’m sure about it!

  3. Jill

    Ooh! MIght have to find a babysitter 🙂

  4. Lesley

    SNAP. I’ve just done a post that is very like this one. It must be that busy busy time of the year.

  5. Scott

    I’m working on my list. It’s that time of year when the summer seems to stretch out before us, even though it is quickly filled with all of the things we’ve been putting off all year long.

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