Yesterday I got to be one of the parents to accompany my daughter’s class on their annual skidag or ski day. It was amazing. Norway is so beautiful, and skiing is so calmly pleasant, and kids are so happy and nice to one another outdoors in the snow. We skied for about an hour or so, then settled down and built a camp on an embankment, complete with fire, snow cabin and ski jump. Sausages were grilled and playing and chatting was enjoyed by all before we headed back to the car park and then to town. The photo shows the teacher gathering most of the class around her to give them some final instructions before we left our camp.

To my surprise, a google for skidag revealed that the University of Bergen has a ski day too, and they even lay on free skiing instruction – but only for students. Perhaps I should pretend to be one!

2 thoughts on “where I was yesterday

  1. Hamdi

    Could you not just sign up for one of your own classes. That would make you a student.

  2. Jill

    Mm, I wonder if I’d get credits for passing my own exam? Or would they call it cheateing – after all; I’d know what the questions were before anyone else 😉

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