Iskia stepped into one of those PX-238 Winter Wondervolt things the goblins have set up by the Zeppelin, and to my horror, she came out like this! When she walks, her tits wobble, and when she stands still, she waits a little while and then starts wiggling in this really offensive way.

Also, since the patch, there are all these breasty women on the load screen, you know the kind, tiny bikini armour. If we’re going to do this, well, where are the objectified male genitalia?

And why is “tits” a rude word that’s translated to %$#% in WoW? Makes no sense – in language it’s offensive but in images it’s all over the place. I like tits, but on my own terms, thank you.

7 thoughts on “the horror

  1. K(L)

    It seems like the blood elf dances from the Burning Crusade beta are the first ones where the females’ movements aren’t oversexualized and the males’ movements more sexualized. In other words there’s more equality. (Which of course results in a lot of references to the male blood elfs as girly or gay.)

  2. torill

    yes, is’t awful!
    I avoid that machine after I saw the result, at least with my female characters. Just no fun to run around like some pedophile’s dream of a sexy santa while the guys are all properly dressed.

    There’s actually a “kink” abbreviated CFNM – clothed female naked male – isn’t it really weird that when men dress down and women stay dressed it’s sexually deviant, while the other way around is OK for 12 year olds?

  3. Jill

    Torill, I hadn’t realised clothed women naked men was defined as deviance – that’s totally weird and makes total sense in this messed up world. Obviously most men prefer to stay clothed in public; it’s frustrating that the expectation is that women should like to be undressed.

  4. Svenn

    I don’t play WoW, but this sounds like peanuts compared to any Hip-Hop video!

  5. Jill

    That doesn’t really make it any more palatable, does it? I suppose it depends on whether you want women to feel comfortable or not – presumably Blizzard does or should given women are a large group of the market.

  6. Svenn

    I absolutely agree! I was using it more as an example of the extreme version.Lots of
    (more than) half naked women with a couple of overdressed bulky men. Read this morning that a
    collection of the best (worst)hip-hop videos collected on DVD was a bestseller
    before christmas in Norway.

  7. Kerry

    I know exactly what you mean and it’s so frustrating. I posted a topic on the WOW forums asking how to change the loading screens, because since the change in pictures I’ve not had the desire to stare at the loading screens for a total of ten seconds each time I log in…but it’s not possible!

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