I’m not at the MLA conference right now (I’m Norwegian enough to find a conference during the romjul or quiet days between x-mas and New Year kind of barbaric) but I’m impressed to see the vast number of interesting-looking panels in the digital humanities and about electronic literature, blogging etc – all neatly compiled by the ACH.

Apparently there are 10,000 people at the MLA, which is the biggest conference in literature and languages that exists, I think. Until I realised it was always during the holidays (barbaric, I tell you!) I had vaguely romantic ideas of it, based on reading David Lodge’s academic romantic comedies (ooh, and see also Murder at the MLA– but I hear what most characterises it really is that all the hiring interviews for every English department in the United States is conducted there, so apparently there’s this constant anxiety and stress overlaying everything.

Instead I’m writing up an application for other conference funding for next year. I rather enjoy the hopeful creativity of it!

Mind you, I wouldn’t mind having a drink in Philadelphia right now. It’s amazing how cold and dull and empty home seems when you get home and nobody’s there and the fridge is empty and suitcases unpacked. Fortunately this time I had a very eager cat welcoming me. He even curled up with me all night to sleep – and he never grants me that privilege that when his master is home. Pity cats don’t fill the fridge for you.

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  1. Letizia Jaccheri

    Hi og God Jul I have not been here for a while. Fortunately when I get bored (for example after being 3 days at parents in low home in the deep west Norway) I suddenly become creative and read interesting things. I started in fact from my old blog http://www.letiziajaccheri.splinder.com/?from=310
    I went to http://www.notam02.no/ekunst_i_offentlige_rom/index.php and I read your article there and I suddenly remembered of you.
    This MLA conference seems super interesting. Since I opened up from software (for software because of software, software uber alles) to software and art, a new world is open now.
    You may think I have drunk a lot, but you are wrong since neither alcool nor even card playing is allowed at my in low place.

    I wish you a nice Rom Jula, may be I hear from you.


    (Letizia Jaccheri prof.)

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