soldag002-redigert The sky is still dark, dark grey here in Bergen at five minutes to nine in the morning. The sun will rise in half an hour or so, and stay above the horizon till a little after four. Coming home from a fortnight in Australia the shock of the dark is immense. I don’t notice the extremity of it as much when I live through the darkening. Even at midday the sky isn’t bright blue but just a pale, bleak, greyish blue. If it isn’t raining.

It’s growing lighter every day, though, reminding us that our reward for this darkness is the amazing light of summertime. I adore the late light evenings and sunrise at 2 am.

Not as drastic as Northern Norway, where my friend Lars lives. He took this photo yesterday, the second day the sun rose after a long, dark, utterly sunless winter. And no, I still haven’t been to Northern Norway.

4 thoughts on “Sunrise after a long winter

  1. JoseAngel

    You mean sunset, don’t you? (Same thing…)

  2. Jill

    Um. I don’t know. I assume sunrise and sunset were rather close…

  3. Lars

    Far away, so close…
    About two months from sunset to sunrise, about five minutes from sunrise to sunset. The picture is before noon, so it’s OK to call it a sunrise, I guess. From where I was standing, I couldn’t actually see the sun… 🙁

  4. bsdz0r

    Absolutely beautiful picture!

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