6 thoughts on “holidays!!!

  1. JoseAngel

    Enjoy 2006 — and 2005, indeed, still two precious days to go.

  2. JoseAngel

    Hey, Jill, you OK? Wake up, it’s Monday – yawn.

  3. Jill

    Yeah, uh, I’m here… just somehow, uh, well, not really in a blogging mood. No idea why i still click the link to my blog now and then, I mean, I *know* I haven’t written anything.

    I guess you did, though 馃槈

  4. Jos脠 Angel

    Maybe you are just giving too much importance to symbolic beginnings and ends. In Spain the standard phrase for the New Year is “a new year, a new life”– but nobody actually DOES it.

  5. nick

    I assumed your non-blogging was preparation for going ungoogleable.

  6. Jill

    Oh, I definitely considered that option… I fear the damage is done, though. Anyway, I usually feel like blogging again fter a while…


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