Our student newspaper’s got a feature on blogs today, with brief interviews with bloggers explaining why they like blogging, and with me playing the role of the serious researcher. As always it’s strange seeing what a journalist picks from a half hours conversation. It’s great to have good media (and Studvest is a good student newspaper) but the more interviews with myself I read the more I treasure the opportunity to express myself in my own words. I like blogging.

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  1. […] xperimenting with new ways of keeping in touch with their constituents. (Thanks to Kev for pointing this out!)

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  2. Kev

    Hepp! Just reminding you that we now have our own politicians blogging! Not exactly Dean, but very Kristin 😉

    Kristin Halvorsens blogg

  3. Martin

    Hei! Jeg syntes det var merkelig at studvest anbefalte nettdagbok.no og livejournal.com, men glemte ?• nevne blogger, syntes du ikke?

  4. Jill

    Ja… jaja, det er mange forskjellige vinkler p?• blogger, s?•… Journalisten sa at de hadde oppdaget at de godt kunne skrevet dobbelt s?• mye, men at de ikke hadde plass til mer – s?• de m?•tte vel velge ut.

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