On Thursday at 1:15 pm we’re gathering masters and PhD students (and other researchers) who are writing about social media at the coffee bar at the University Library here in Bergen – look for a gang of social media types sitting round a table with a little sign saying “Social Media!” This first time we’ll mainly just try to get to know each other and talk about what we’re all working on – and of course figure out what the best way to proceed would be. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I think a lot of people are working on social media in very different departments without really knowing that there are other people out there. If you’re in Bergen and interested, do come. And if you know someone who should come, please let them know about it!

5 thoughts on “social media study group

  1. Omer Rosenbaum

    Won’t be in Bergen, but still interested. Will you be recording a podcast or a filming it?
    I think some people in my department will want to expand their knowledge on social media.

  2. William Patrick Wend

    I second the podcast idea! That would be wonderful.

  3. Jill Walker Rettberg

    Oh, I don’t think filming or recording it would be a great idea – we’re trying to start a local network and support and nurture students and scholars new to the field of social media. There are lots of places to discuss social media online, and to listen to other peoples’ interesting thoughts about it – but so far in Bergen not much opportunity to discuss it f2f with other students and scholars.

  4. Kevin

    Something to discuss and share:


    Nice article about the creation of Underskog.no.

  5. Louise

    Suksess med studiesirkel (PÂ H¯yden): Among researchers where I work, “social media” is a no-no, whereas at several other departments at the same university, they are serious research objects!!!

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