Um, there’s this thing called the penisblog where you match the penis to the blogger. Found it via Metafilter. I don’t think I’d sign up even if I had a penis, though they kind of parallell the honesty discussions of recent times:

We bloggers spend so much time, energy, and emotional effort revealing the most intimate details of our lives on our websites … and yet most of us balk at showing a few square inches of skin.

What do we have to hide if we’re supposedly letting it all hang out via our weblogs?

Our tits, maybe? Oh, no, wait, I know, it’s our bra straps!

3 thoughts on “revealing..?

  1. Auntie Joan and Mum

    We’ve been sitting at this blog for hours and there are no updates. We thought we had hit on a really good way to stalk our kids. Disappointing. You could be doing anything now and we wouldn’t know. Back to the keyboard girl.

  2. Jill



    Meaty, Beaty Identity
    [This post contains adult content (in a sophomoric container)] So I had this brilliant idea that I’d find some cheesy…

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