Sometimes spam is brilliant:

Based on 2000 year old recipe


The bread is delicious and miraculously stops you being hungry for at least five or six hours after eating it! Absolutely amazing, no? In addition, the Hunza people, who are the 2000 year old people who had the original recipe, are a glorious race:

Hunza men are straight, tall, broad-shouldered,deep-chested, slim-waisted, heavy-legged, and have full heads of hair. Hunza women
are straight, tall, slim-waisted, developed bosoms, perfect
complexions, and luxuriant hair. Both men and women have perfect teeth and eyesight even at 100 years and older! They are neat, clean, intelligent and friendly. And you can’t find an overweight person.

Just imagine, bread that makes you neat, clean, intelligent and friendly and gives you a developed bosom.

The most amazing thing is that the housewife wants 25 Euros for a recipe for the bread – and, hang on, the housewife’s name is Lotte and her husband (the world-famous Hunza researcher) is called Lars – no wonder they’re into baking their own bread – they’re Scandinavians! And uh, Hunza? Kind of sounds like Hansa written in English, huh? What a damn fine business plan for a couple of Bergeners abroad.

I’ve baked a few loaves of bread in my life that I could easily pass off as appetite-suppressants… Want the recipe? 25 Euros, thank you!

5 thoughts on “bread

  1. Tracy

    I once bowled with a fruit cake. Hi, by the way. ; )

  2. Robert

    I like the fact that she “accidentally invents” a bread that has supposedly existed for thousands of years…

  3. Auntie Joan

    I need an appetite suppressant. Can you come to stay with me and bake some bread!

  4. Jill

    Anytime, Auntie Joan! And it’s so nice to see you here!! You’re the first of my relatives to actually comment. Well, Mum did once, but anonymously. Family members often don’t read the rest of their family’s blogs, it seems…

    Hey, do you have a weblog, Joan?

  5. Norman

    There was a tinned meat product in Australia called spam. I always lost my appetite when it was on my plate. She may have found an old tin. If I found the recipe for it though, I;d either burn it , or sell it very cheaply.

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