It’s summer. Yes, I know it’s only Easter and there’ll be rain and maybe even sleet before it’s really, truly summer, but today was a summer’s day. My good friend B is in town for the holidays and my daughter and I spent the day with her and her kids at her parents’ house, not in the country at all but surrounded by pots filled with seedlings, vegetable beds ready for sowing, budding fruit trees, children trying to do cartwheels on the lawn and the constant crowing of dozens of roosters and hens next door. My daughter wept to leave her favourite hen, a small golden creature that was strangely contented to be carried endlessly in the crook of her arm. We have eggs for breakfast tomorrow, ordinary hens’ eggs and little tiny vaktel eggs that look exactly like Easter eggs, small and speckled. We were outdoors all day, and oh, it’s so wonderful to eat outside after a long, dark winter. It was so restful to spend a day at a house I’ve visited regularly for nearly twenty years. Especially now that they serve me wine and don’t make me do the dishes 😉

The world around me is on holiday and there’ll not be much blogging from here until after Easter.

4 thoughts on “eggs and wine

  1. Lisa

    I love imagining Aurora holding that hen.

  2. Jill

    Upon seeing her my friend’s mother remarked, “Now there’s a girl who has never held a hen before.” Actually, so was I until then!

  3. Lisa

    You’re probably sick of trackbacks for “Hiding”, but I do happen to mention it on the way to highlighting this post of yours.

  4. Jill

    Why, thank you Lisa!

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