Thomas and I spent a pleasant couple of hours this morning showing our conference‘s first guest of honour around Bergen. Much more fun than sitting in the office doing last minute organisation, and it was really interesting getting to know Howard Rheingold (of Smart Mobs and other fame) a little. Luckily it didn’t rain much, and the mist didn’t stop us enjoying some view from Fløyen, though we didn’t feel like staying up there for very long.

Howard Rheingold, with Bergen in the background

3 thoughts on “playing hosts

  1. Niels

    Hm, interesting.

    Will the conference papers/findings be available through your Blog?


  2. Jill

    There’s a wiki in progress happening at the conference website. In Norwegian., mostly – and we have to all learn how to use the wiki before much’ll be there but in theory everyone’ll be adding stuff to it during the conference, yes. Hopefully streaming will happen too in which case I’ll announce it here.

  3. Niels

    Ok, I look forward in following the conference.

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