Complicated new laws about filesharing are coming to Norway. I hadn’t realised that downloading copyrighted music from p2p networks was legal in Norway. It won’t be any more. However we’ll still be allowed to rip mp3s from our own, or our friends’, CDs or DVDs, and some of our tax money will compensate the recording industry for this copying. There’ll be no compensation for ripping stuff from copy protected disks. No point in compensating for something that you’re stopping people from doing. Though breaking copy protection so you can play music on your own device won’t be illegal either – DVD-Jon established a nice precedent for that. At least this is what I think I understand of what ITavisen thinks it understands.

This stuff is so confusing. It doesn’t help that it’s different in each country, and that they keep changing it. Elektronisk forpost Norge (EFN, the Norwegian branch of the Electronic Frontier Foundation) is probably the place to really find out about this stuff.

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    Jill, hva har skjedd med bloggen din? H??yre menyen ser ut til ?• leve sitt eget liv for ??yeblikket…

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    ?Ö, det er sikkert den lange URLen i en av kommentarene – Explorer takler ikke lange URLer. Skal fjerne den.

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