Phil – he made the Vote Different video. Campaigns don’t control the message anymore. Bloggers don’t care about getting exclusives or access because they’re more interested in expressing their opinions first than getting the news first. People won’t come just cos you built a portal. You need something for people to do.

Robert Greenwald. Shows the Fox Attacks: Black America video, where instead of arguing that Fox news repeatedly smears African-American culture, they simply show excerpts showing them doing that again and again.

(sorry, fell out)

Steve Grove – runs YouTube’s news and politics section. YouTube is actively going out and trying to get candidates and non-profits etc onto “the platform” (I assume that means YouTube – oh, no, it means “YouChoose”, YouTube’s political division.) What makes a good political video?

  1. Keep the camera rolling – get as much footage as you can. To capture authentic moments you need to be capturing everything.
  2. Keep the content fresh. Upload new videos, keep new things in the stream
  3. Reach out! Don’t think of YouTube just as a shrunken TV-screen. Ask for responses.
  4. Be personal. Some people thing YouTube is about being hip or edgy, but really YouTube’s demographic is 18 to 55. Be authentic.

2 thoughts on “Panel: The online video revolution: message-jamming and campaigns

  1. JoseAngel

    Thanks so much for the coverage, Jill. Sparing us jetlag.

  2. Jill

    Heh, I appreciate the appreciation, JoseAngel. Makes me feel like such a good person to be doing this hard, hard work šŸ™‚

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