Oh dear. Maybe it’s jetlag, maybe it’s just conference-exhaustion, but I’ve reached that time of the day where the vast numbers of people just look exhausting and alienating to me instead of friendly and interesting, and although I’ve chatted with a number of people my feeling of not knowing anyone here (well, I know Ian but he’s not in sight right now) is strengthened by having just walked past Anil Dash and I think Robert Scoble but obviously there’s no way I’m going to actually brazenly say hi, I read your blogs, I mean honestly.

I suppose it’s 10 pm by my body clock and I still haven’t had a proper meal. Breakfast was doughnuts, lunch was a paper bag with a bread roll, potato chips and coffee (unimpressive for a $300 conference), and really I need dinner.

I want that exhilarated feeling back that I had this morning stepping out of the hotel and seeing New York City!

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  1. JoseAngel

    Maybe someone’s walked past you and thought ‘obviously there’s no way’…
    Well, tomorrow’s morning again.

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