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Something’s wrong with my CSS, so the title overlaps the text in Netscape browsers (thanks to the people who’ve alerted me to this!) I promise I’ll fix it but it won’t be for a few days – I have to finish this […]

political games

I’m working on a thesis chapter about those Flash games that popped up after September 11, the ones where you maim Bin Laden or attempt to rescue the WTC from terrorists. I presented a short piece on this in October 2001 (my […]

hypertext weblogs

I just found Scott Rettberg’s blog! Scott headed the Electronic Literature Organisation for a while, and did a tremendous job in that. He’s also one of the members of The Unknown, a band of writers who wrote an amazing, rambling hypertextual roadmovie-story […]

unfortunately impermanent

Judy Horacek’s topic of the month is No War, and there are some excellent cartoons in there. My favourite is this fantasy of John Howard thinking he’s having visions of peace signs. If only… [Image used with Judy Horacek’s permission. You can […]

1 kr for the box, 100 for the shipping

I just signed up for a 1 kroner trial “ebox” (what a nothing-meaning name, huh?) which is one of those gizmos you plug in and henceforth can control every piece of electrical equiptment in your house through the internet. The info is […]


Yesterday I was fiddling with colours, toying with stylesheets and thinking to myself how much easier it is to refurbish a blog than to, say, paint my kitchen. Then I started counting the hours I’ve spent learning MoveableType, adapting templates, rebuilding stylesheets, […]

in transition

The layout of this blog is in transition – having moved to MoveableType I want to make things like links from other blogs to posts in this blog very visible – I want to emphasise the network. Of course there aren’t any […]

moving to moveabletype

This is my first post to jill/txt using MoveableType. I started blogging in October 2000. It was reading I realised what blogging was about. I can’t remember how I found Caterina, but once found I loved what I read: her beautiful […]