The layout of this blog is in transition – having moved to MoveableType I want to make things like links from other blogs to posts in this blog very visible – I want to emphasise the network. Of course there aren’t any trackbacks yet, or comments in this new system, but when they come, the idea is that they’ll show up over there on the right. I’m not sure whether that’ll happen instantly or only when I rebuild the site. The archives are shoddy though hopefully there. Anyway, bits of this might just plain not work or there’ll be dead links and it’s kind of ugly and inconsistent in places, but hey, it’ll improve. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

11 thoughts on “in transition

  1. jonty

    I think it’s a good idea to shift over. Although I love Tinderbox I’ve been watching MoveableType sites for a while and really like them, especially because of the TrackBack feature.

    My own reservation about shifting over to MT has to do with my lack of techie knowlege. I wouldn’t know how to install it on a .Mac account.

    Does this mean you are not using Tinderbox at all to write your posts now or are you composing in Tbox and publishing with MT?
    Hope the transition is smooth!

  2. Christian

    Bra at du gÂr over til movable type. Jeg har lenge stusset over at bloggsiden din har vÊrt veldig treg  laste. S er det et poeng at man b¯r leve som man lÊrer/underviser.

  3. Christian

    Kult at kommentarene kommer opp her p siden. Dette skal jeg nok f snappet opp fra deg, kodebitem altsÂ, hehe

  4. Jill

    Wow, cool, comments and a trackback already! I need to change the comments code so the WHOLE of each comments doesn’t show up in the right hand column… Still, it’s fun to see how it works. And I obviously don’t have to rebuilt for it to work. It’s kind of like magic, really 🙂

    Jonty, I thought of blogging in Tinderbox and uploading to MoveableType but I don’t think that’ll be particularly useful really. I’ll keep taking notes and jotting things down in Tinderbox and some of those will probably become blogged but not in any consistent way I don’t think. We’ll see.

    And yes, Christian, my site’s been VERY slow, and it’s mostly because of the externally hosted comments… This’ll speed it up. Oh, and I’ll be posting the codes for showing trackbacks and comments and stuff soon 🙂 Of course 🙂

  5. meredith

    Looks good to me- and the site loads much quicker at my end, too. You’re in a great position now to compare and contrast the various tools available to webloggers.
    Looking forward to another year of Jill/txt.

  6. Jill

    Thanks, Meredith!

  7. Seb

    Speaking of facilitating networking, in Movable Type you can associate TrackBack Ping URLs with categories and automatically cross-post elsewhere, for instance to (existing or new) TopicExchange channels –

  8. Jason

    That’s awesome!!! I’m a huge moveable type fan myself. 😀

  9. Robert

    Nice… though in Mozilla some page elements overlap (like “jill/txt” is written over the top of the most recent entry).

  10. JIll

    Thanks, Robert – Liz Lawley just emailed me that bug too. Gotta fix it…

  11. Det perfekta tomrummet

    Fler kˆr trackbacks
    Jill Walker byter till MT och kan d‰rmed gˆra n‰tverket som knyter samman bloggar synligare, med hj‰lp av bland annat

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