The news today is full of the diplomatic faux pas of the American ambassador to Norway, who last night pretty much said that Norway was turning its back on America and that would permanently change the relationship between the countries (Aftenposten reports […]

cotton wool

I’m nursing a cold, keeping my sink shining, reviewing stacks of papers for Hypertext 03, trying to keep enthusiastic about my thesis, trying to finish that cursed chapter about political web games and I feel totally unbloggish. Unmostthingsish, actually. Well not totally, […]

the game industry

Greg Costikyan runs through the commercial gaming industry, which is apparently dying or at least stuck, and through independent and online gaming ventures and festivals, with lots of links, information, wringing of hands and comments.


Torill’s submitted her PhD thesis! OMG. Wow. Cool. CONGRATULATIONS!


Adrian’s switched to MoveableType for his main blog. So now I can send him a trackback 🙂

SMS warnings part 2

Eirik suggests that the SMS message from the goverment in the case of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack might for instance read “ATMBMBR UNDRVS. CUL8ER – MAYBE. Once I cracked the code, I cracked up to the extent my office neighbour […]

releasing books

Eirik Newth wrote about bookcrossing.com, a brilliant project which coordinates the release of books – you read a book, register it at bookcrossings, write a brief review of it, print out a label and glue it into the book, then you give […]

SMS replacing sirens?

In Norway the air raid sirens are tested at exactly 12 noon every year or so. They haven’t been needed since WW2, but the tests ensure that new generations are reminded that peace is not a given. Now the authorities are considering […]

mass-distributed care

Reminded of the Flylady by Diane (2 March) and Mark I signed up for her mailing list. The mailing list of July ’96 mums I used to be on discussed the Flylady, so I’d been to her site before but have never […]

Digital Genres Initiative

The Digital Genres Initiative and its conference looks interesting – Alex Golub, social anthropologist who blogs hilarious and thought-provoking tales of fieldwork, academia, blogging and bizarreness, is the organizer. The conference is at the end of May in Chicago and the call […]