I just signed up for a 1 kroner trial “ebox” (what a nothing-meaning name, huh?) which is one of those gizmos you plug in and henceforth can control every piece of electrical equiptment in your house through the internet. The info is minimal, it’ll only work until September (unless they decided to keep doing the wireless servicing of it in Bergen), maybe it only actually works on one socket. But heck, it’s only a kroner. Plus 100 kr in shipping. Ha. You can get one too, if you’re a BT subscriber.

I’m a sucker for gadgets. I’m getting this since I can’t afford an iPod, a webcam, a digital camera or a new computer.

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  1. Christian

    Huu, Really cool…. I want one too. I guess it wont help if u once in a while read their internettissue? No? Bugger. If u like gadget I might bring u a photo of my workroom. Its wired, hehe

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