Eirik suggests that the SMS message from the goverment in the case of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack might for instance read “ATMBMBR UNDRVS. CUL8ER – MAYBE. Once I cracked the code, I cracked up to the extent my office neighbour asked what I was laughing at. He was more attuned to the practicalities than the absurdities of the SMS suggestion and pointed out that telephones are the last thing you should be relying on in war. If the network gets congested with the zillions of congratulatory messages on New Years Eve, what would happen with three million messages from the authorities – and the followup SMSes that would necessarily follow from everyone who’d received a scary SMS like that…

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    ur website is not useful all i want 2 do is sena a txt

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    Hi! How r u me w8tng ur call n mail 🙂 Bye

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