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simulating evil

Selmer Bringsjord gave an interesting talk at our department yesterday on developing synthetic (i.e. simulated) characters. Bringsjord works on artificial intelligence and among other things on how to use AI for generating narratives and games. While simple bots in MUDs and MOOs […]


Just before my six year old daughter fell asleep she told me the day’s woes: “The spÂ* said that B. was a princess, and he didn’t like that, and so he pushed S. so hard that she fell on top of me […]

humane bombing

The bombing of Bagdad is humane, Rumsfeld assures us.

the Bagdad blogger revisited

After a story on MSNBC news yesterday there have been lots more discussions about Salam Pax‘s authenticity. One of the chapters in my thesis is about hoaxes, fictions and realities on the net so this list of links is largely so I […]


The students are on strike. There’ll be protests this afternoon at five. Saturday there’s a rally at three. That probably goes whereever you are.

denouncing one’s country

Lisbeth wants to be Swedish, and Meredith wants to be a New Zealander. I’m feeling Norwegian this week, despite my Australian passport. It’s quite amusing watching our previously so ambivalent on-the-fence Prime Minister Bondevik looking decisive, strong and relieved all at the […]

no to a boycott

It seems a lot of people have received and sent on the same SMS I got the other day, that requests a boycott of US goods – there was a discussion about it on the radio yesterday, and they did a vox […]


Goodness! There was an article about my talk in Narvik in the local Narvik paper! Sissel, one of the organisers, just sent me the link: Ungdom skriver og leser p nett.

digital dance

Andrew Morrisson is giving a talk tomorrow at the Media department, about a project that combines dance and computers and research and practice in very interesting ways. Unfortunately the talk’s at the same time as I teach so I can’t go – […]

push back the words

Noah describes a cave* installation he’s working on where words come at you from the walls and you can push them back again with your hand! The only caves I’ve been in are totally uninteractive: just fancy images on the walls. This […]