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digital dance

Andrew Morrisson is giving a talk tomorrow at the Media department, about a project that combines dance and computers and research and practice in very interesting ways. Unfortunately the talk’s at the same time as I teach so I can’t go – […]

push back the words

Noah describes a cave* installation he’s working on where words come at you from the walls and you can push them back again with your hand! The only caves I’ve been in are totally uninteractive: just fancy images on the walls. This […]

Blogging simplified?

AKMA has requested a Trackback for Dummies explanation. Liz seconds this in a post neatly titled MoveableGripe and points out that while geeks get MoveableType instantly, without clear explanations for regular people way cool features just aren’t going to become universally popular. […]


I love discovering stories like these in blogs: Robert describes being surprised by a song for peace when he was in Parliament House looking for some official office or other. He couldn’t tell who was singing at first. A tour group from […]

SMS chains and boycott

I just received my first mobilisation SMS message. I’m probably on the tail end of the trend here, but still, for me it’s a first. It came via my brother-in-law and reads “Boycott all US products the day they attack Iraq without […]

Iraqi blogger?

How would one know whether where is Raed is really a blog by an Iraqi in Iraq? (Imagine the Kaycee Nicole hoax only rather than the protagonist being “killed” by cancer it’s by war.) And how much does it matter whether it’s […]

working at writing

When William Gibson is writing (or “stuck”, he adds) he looks at photos of objects on ebay. “EBay as shamanic induction device.” I know this because I read his blog, which is what I do when I’m stuck. I read writers’ blogs, […]


Of course there’s an online translation service between txt lingo and English: Could come in handy 😉

candlelight vigils

Today there’ll be candlelight vigils for peace around the world, and a web system rather like lets individuals coordinate vigils for their areas. There’s nothing in Bergen though, I’ve not seen this advertised locally at all, and I don’t quite have […]


A scary predictive article from The Onion in January 2001.