I love discovering stories like these in blogs: Robert describes being surprised by a song for peace when he was in Parliament House looking for some official office or other. He couldn’t tell who was singing at first.

A tour group from a girls school was lined up in a block about four rows deep, but they weren’t singing.

It took me a few moments to realise that everyone else was singing: the young mother with a pram, the old lady on the stairs, a middle-aged African woman. Everywhere I looked, people were singing. There were about thirty or fifty women scattered around the foyer; some in the entrance, some near the pillars, some on the landing, some half way up the stairs.

Robert’s blog also sports a photo of the Sydney Opera House, which right now apparently has the words “NO WAR” scrawled across the top of one of its wings.

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  1. Cassandra

    The idea behind it is commendable. I don’t expect to live to see it become widespread; but it would be marvellous to be proved wrong.

  2. Cassandra

    Surprised to find my comment here. I’ve been banned from Robert’s Blog. I still hope; but I’m also still pessimistic.

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