Tomorrow I’m off to DAC! I’ll be meeting Lisbeth and Susana at Kastrup and we’re flying together to Tokyo, where we’ll be met by Lisbeth’s Japanese friends. A couple of days later we’ll continue to Melbourne.

I like to think I’ll do the conference blogging thing but I have to admit that my track record suggests that I only blog at conferences where I don’t really know anyone and find quite a lot of the sessions rather boring. I blogged an impressive 39 words from DAC 2001. I suppose Torill’s position as official conference blogger might rub off and kind of inspire me. Perhaps.

2 thoughts on “off to dac

  1. Lisa


    Have fun. Have interesting conversations.

    Tell us about it when you get back…

  2. michael heraghty

    Hmmm… what exactly is conference blogging?

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