At last! I haven’t been online since I last posted (five days!) and I’m like an addict, the first sign of a computer and I’m at it. So far I’ve had a terrific time. Tokyo was amazing. The Fuji family were awesome hosts! They even served sushi in a way where I actually for the first time genuinely liked it! Melbourne yesterday was brilliant too, I got to be the local who showed everyone around 🙂

Lots of people to chat with here, and look, the conference blog already has reports from in the sessions – and a report from the chair only minutes after opening the conference.

And do you know, there was a little bar of Freddy Frog chocolate in the conference pack! Thoughtful, huh?

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  1. Jim Downing

    Great to have you here in Melbourne Jill and I hope you have a good time.Thanks for blogging this conference for all of us

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