You know how sometimes you want to just write write write meld emotions to words and let everyone know yet you’re not quite sure what they must know what you need to say only that you know that you need to say it and the music crescendos till you know you should have been a musician songwriter composer but no you need to write it but what what what what what what

2 thoughts on “need

  1. weez

    yes yes yes…and then the words aren’t enough so you paint or draw or take pictures or play music really loud and dance as if nobody was looking (and hope they aren’t) then you come back to the words and hope you’re safe from saying the thing you want to but can’t so you try to hint then erase and do it all again.

  2. Mark H

    Like Kerouac writing non-stop and just getting the thoughts out on the page and writing like jazz musicians play: freestyling! “First thought best thought” (which maybe should be the bloggers motto?)

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