I’m writing an article about Marius Watz’s Tegnemaskin 1-12 for Utsmykkingsfondet‘s yearbook. I blogged Tegnemaskin last September, and wrote a little about it in my introduction to net art in Kunstkritikk last November. Since then, Watz has developed Tegnemaskin 13 which reacted to human stimuli.

So I’m poking around reading about generative art, and I stumbled upon an interesting little interview with artists who work with code as their material: “The first thing that pops into my head is the inability to sketch with code. Being spontaneous and throw stuff around till it looks right. It is hard to code violently. For me, this is one of the key differences to other materials.” The interview’s at kopenhagen.dk/net.art, which has a lot of articles (in English) and also announces a seminar and workshop on generative art, in Copenhagen, over the next few weeks.

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    Make sure to check out CODeDOC and CODeDOC II.

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