4 thoughts on “moving offices

  1. arneolav

    You could always lower the chair…? 🙂

  2. Jill Walker Rettberg

    I tried that, actually. It wouldn’t go low enough 😉 I foudn the people though, they actually say they’ve fixed it now, so I’ll see on Monday 🙂

  3. JoseAngel

    Use Ph.D. dissertations under the table legs.

  4. Mum

    Try to get a desk like the one I now have at work. The height is adjustable up or down with the press of a button that activates a small motor to slide the inner legs either up or down. Not only can you adjust the top to the perfect height for sitting at but you can also set it at a suitable height for standing at. Varying between sitting and standing has a stunning affect on personal productivity in my experience, not just during any one day at work, but I suspect people with these desks don’t end up needing sick leave due to back problems!

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