I did it! This blog has now more or less successfully moved to jilltxt.net. Well, except for that hiccup about the undefined function: get_recent_comments() in /home/www/jilltxt.net/htdocs/index.php on line 186 which I’ll try and fix tomorrow.

Tomorrow I shall coax my students into finding groups for their semester long group projects, I shall force other students to fill out forms, my colleagues and I shall discuss the relative merits of four different possible ways of reorganising, and then, oh, after correcting the references in the copyedited version of a paper I shall fix my blog.

Actually Friday’s going to be the really cool day this week. Wanna know what I’m doing? Ooh, I don’t know whether I should tell you…

2 thoughts on “moved to jilltxt.net!!!

  1. Martin GL

    You might want to put a link to this place on your old blog! I had to root around your blogroll to find this place… I was only seeing posts from October on the front page.

    But anyway: congratulations on the move!

  2. Jill

    Really? That may have been server-switching weirdness, cos everything that was on that server’s being moved over elsewhere, but perhaps an old version got in there. Now I see the most recent posts there, and the latest post says I’ve moved to here. But I should shut down the old blog and put in a forwarder to here.

    Thanks for the congrats!

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