Torill’s interested though sceptical to the idea of “media-controlled blogs” at Dagbladet, that is, that they’ll let user’s create their own blogs. On their fourth day of blogging, Dagbladet’s weblog posts are starting to seem more webloggish. Personal opinions of Torsdagsklubben posted by Astrid Meland while watching it, with links to other opinions, yup, that’ll do fine for a blog post, and another post by Rune R¯sten linking to a post by Olav Anders that’s about Gates’ first public mention of weblogs, with an opinion from Rune. Definitely webloggish. And they have only been going for four days. It takes a while to figure out how to write in this new genre. I hope they hurry up and get permalinks, though.

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  1. thomas n. burg | randg‰nge

    Dagbaldet norwegische Tageszeitung hostet Weblogs

    more of that dagblogging. Torill’s interested though sceptical to the idea of “media-controlled blogs” at…

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