The candidates for the next American presidential election who are not blogging might need to hurry up to keep up:

Turns out that some candidates notably Howard Dean, and increasingly-looking-like-a-candidate Gary Hart have their own blogs. This raises the disturbing prospect of a blog deficit for the other contenders. What are Kerry, Gephardt and Edwards thinking? We expect them to close the blogging gap immediately. (Washington Post)

Mind you, Howard Dean’s weblog is not written by Howard Dean, but by a host of other people who are presumably his campaign crew. Gary Hart (or a ghost writer) blogs in his own name, and seems keen on the direct contact with potential voters.

2 thoughts on “can they afford not to blog?

  1. chuck

    Wow–I didn’t know about Howard Dean’s campaign blog. It does have a much different effect (since it’s clearly written by his campaign staff) than Gary Hart’s blog. Thanks for calling attention to it.

  2. Jill

    A pleasure šŸ™‚ Twas brought to my attention by Adrian, so I’ll thank him.

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