I’m kind of sad – for the first time ever I’m invited to a Superbowl Party (starting at midnight due to the time difference) but I can’t go – I’ll be asleep on a train to Oslo, on my way to tell the Online Services Group at Microsoft Norway about corporate blogging.

I love sleeper cars on trains, and the old-fashioned luxury of having a tiny little compartment all to myself, with crisp white sheets and a tiny room with a tiny but private shower and toilet.

2 thoughts on “missing the super bowl

  1. Lars

    Don’t forget to check out Finnmart while you’re in Oslo!
    I’m here until monday, so if you have time, give a call!

  2. Jill

    Oh cool! But I’ll only be there from when the night train arrives at Oslo S till I fly home a bit after noon – I want to be back home when my daughter gets home from school.

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