Amazing, really, that I’ve been blogging for nearly three and a half years (!) and only got one of these t-shirts today. I’ve never seen one in person before though, and I’m giggling (alone in my office) thinking of all the interesting situations I could wear it in, and what people around me might think in said situations.

19 thoughts on “i’m blogging this

  1. Lisbeth

    oh, Jill, you look cool! Where did you get it? Me wants one too….:)
    Greets & hugs Lisbeth

  2. Thomas

    That was really cool! I want one! Got my “What Would Dewey Do?” t-shirt though, so I¥m fairly ok.

  3. Jill

    I got it from – here – shipping to Europe’s $13 but it comes within a few days by DHL.

    And heck, it’s worth it 🙂

  4. mjones

    Do they come in XXL?

  5. Jill

    Of course!

  6. Stephanie

    I got mine in the mail last month and wore it while I taught a blogging “basics” class in HUMlab. It was great fun! Looks good on you!

  7. Jorunn

    I got mine from my blogger husband for Christmas, and I’ve actually been wearing it today 🙂

  8. hanna

    Jill, you are a bad influence on me! I have been resisting buying one for many months, but after seeing yours today, I finally gave in and ordered one! 🙂

  9. Jill

    That’s OK Hanna, cos you know what? I bought an iPod last week. Yay!

    I come visit and we’ll be twins! What more should we get – we’ve got the ipods, the t-shirts… Hats?

  10. Francois Lachance

    Ah but some of us (those around you) might be blind or around you in the sense of blog readers…

    And therefore ask you “Are you blogging that?”

    The above references the last posting by the Invisible Adjunct. I know IA is a historian and not a techie but might want to do a round of tributes ??

    BTW, I just luv the text provided as a value for the alt attribute on the img element:


    it completes the diectic reference of the “this” to focus on the instance of the jpg i.e. the this is pointing to a representation of that wonderfully odd beast jill/txt


  11. Collin

    Looks good on ya!
    When are you coming back to Stockton College? ;-P

  12. hanna

    Ooh Jill, that’s so exciting! Which one did you get—15, 20 or 40GB? As for being twins, hats definitely, but maybe I should also trade in my iBook for a PowerBook? *drool* 😉

  13. join-the-dots

    i’m blogging this too

  14. Daily Delusions

    Who fast can ….. I blog this?
    No how fast can UPS possibly be? Before I finished asking our Think Geek! order had already arrived. (I am still waiting for an order of Knights of the Dinnertable comics I ordered a few weeks ago). After I saw Jill with…

  15. Maris blogg

    H¯yt p ¯nskelisten
    Jeg har skikkelig lyst p lik t-skjorte som Jill.. Tror kanskje jeg bare m kj¯pe en.. Fin  ha pÂ

  16. Paul

    Wow, that is a very cool looking tshirt you’re wearing. I have got to get me one of those.

  17. Jill

    Actually, at AoIR the bloggers’ consensus was that we should be wearing t-shirts saying I’M NOT BLOGGING THIS. Obviously not, given the wireless shortage at the conference, but it’d actually be a cool t-shirt in general too.

  18. Paul

    hey Jill

    what does AoIR stand for??

  19. Jill

    Association of Internet Researchers 🙂

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