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  1. Frank

    Today in a Dutch newspaper a brief interview with the designer of this toilet. The designer is a woman who confesses maybe having been a bit naive, but never even having thought about the possibly offensive and/or derogatory aspects of her toilet, certainly not about any sexual implications that it might have.
    As an aside, this urinal started out life as a washing basin, with a tab for its nose and the tab handles for eyes. The designer wanted to go even more minimal with her design and everything fell in place for her when she turned it into a urinal.
    Personally I can see why this design is offensive to some people, but it reminds me more of something out of the Little Shop of Horrors, rather than having an immediate and outright derogatory meaning. Freud would have a field day, but I would have some serious reservations about peeing in that urinal.

  2. Werner

    I actually like this one better than the VA one in terms of offensiveness …


  3. Jill

    Well. Rather that than the mouth, I guess, but…

    Realising that urinals are an aspect of culture I have little exposure to, I found urinals.net, which collaboratively documents urinals.

    At first glance, the women’s urinals look pretty stupid, but if you read the instructions for the one at Texas A&M you’ll see that they’re designed so you can squat over it instead of sitting down on it. That’s sensible – so often you’ll hover over a yucky seat anyway, why not build em for hovering.

    Personally I’ll take an Asian squat toilet over a grubby Western public toilet any day.

  4. Norman

    I guess there’s one advantage at least that those pushing affirmative apartheid in Australia will have problems removing?

  5. Jill

    What, not having to get your buttocks dirty to have a pee? I did once find a site that explains how to pee standing up. Without devices. For women, that is. I had a go in the shower once but I guess I didn’t have the patience to perfect the technique.

  6. lostlog

    The Duchamp vs. Warhol Remix
    Unfortunately they are dropping it. IMO it’s a brilliant idea.

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