In the “for goodness sakes!” category: I lost my formatting palette in Word. Showing and hiding it from the View meny just got me an animation of it flying off the bottom of the screen. Some searching showed I’m not the only person to have mislaid it in this way, and look! There’s a script that brings it back! Hereby blogged for future reference.

Searching an application’s help files for “lost” was quite amusing. I might make it a daily habit. Which other words should one search help files for?

5 thoughts on “i lost my formatting palette!

  1. markH

    Cheese. I’ve always thought of cheese as being something of a surrealist word. No, I don’t know why either.

  2. Dafydd

    Thanks for the link to finding my formatting palette. What a dilema, eh?

  3. Joshua

    Thanks for this. Same thing happened to me and I was starting to panic because I have an important university essay due soon. Thanks again.

    Manchester, England

  4. Jill

    I’m glad this helped others in the silly situation!

  5. Shoshi

    PLEASE: how do I get my formatting palette back? It’s urgent that I have it

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