Look at that! I fixed everything! Thank you for your patience in the last day – the blog’s been morphing in and out of existence and templates as I figure the system out…

It took about five minutes after I stopped trying to figure it out by myself and simply read the manual. Which is short and sweet: the main issue with upgrading from WordPress 1.2.2 to 1.5 is that the templates work differently, but you can easily adapt your old templates to the new system by replacing a few lines.

Hanna asked how I like the new version of WordPress. I’ve barely used it yet, but it looks pretty, and there’s a dashboard with news about WordPress and a direct link to all the spammish comments in my moderation queue (6,262) which is interesting although I’ve got to say a button to delete all 6,262 in one fell swoop would be even more useful. I suppose now I’m a MySQL expert I could go into the database and delete it by hand, as it were, but I think I’ll apply a face mask, pour some wine and consider packing my bags for Paris instead of figuring that out right now.

No, I’m not leaving for another 35 hours but doesn’t it sound lovely to have already packed?

5 thoughts on “<i>now</i> it’s done, I think!

  1. HH

    For deleting comments, check out http://dev.wp-plugins.org/wiki/CommentKiller

  2. noah

    Where are the RSS feeds hanging out these days?

  3. Jill

    I recommend the Feedburner version of my RSS, which integrates my del.cio.us links and public Flickr photos as well as my blog posts. It’s here: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Jilltxt

    There’s an atom feed (http://jilltxt.net/wp-atom.php) and an RSS 2 feed (http://jilltxt.net/wp-rss2.php) too if you’d prefer. They just give the blog stuff.

  4. reid

    Hey Jill and congratulations on your renewed blog. Just read your old article and thought it was really nice that Marshall McLuhan is slowly becoming more relevant again 🙂 And remember, the Ivory tower isn’t all that bad as long as one has enough bandwidth plugged into the ebony plains 😛

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