Interestingly presented website of a street artist in CopenhagenHusk mit navn is his tagline, remember my name. As you’ll see if you poke around the photos on the website he does lots of kinds of adornment, mostly painted on walls. I particularly like the sheets of paper posted like ads with strips for tearing off with a drawing instead of a phone number. (via David Earle’s Stumbleupon)

2 thoughts on “husk mit navn

  1. tok

    It’s a wonderful site! Being a Dane I wonder if you can appreciate the play of words, the artist presents? For instance: the sheets of paper posted like ads are called “Riv den af billeder”, which literaly means “Tear it off pictures.” But it’s also Danish slang for (male) masturbation!

  2. Jill

    It IS? That’s hilarious.

    I’m often fooled into thinking I understand Danish simply by virtue of knowing Norwegian. They’re like dialects, I explain to foreigners. We understand each other.

    Except we have different slang 🙂

    Thanks for informing me!

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