4 thoughts on “ping pong

  1. Nancy

    Hee Hee… Loved it!

  2. even

    another possible reference: kabuki theatre has stage hands dressed completely in black who ‘animate’ the landscape around the actors. they are the shaking of willows and the water spraying from the well when it rains. they are known as kurogo (literally: black person) and we, the audience, are supposed to pretend them away. kabuki also uses slowing / freezing of time as a device for dramatic emphasis. not ‘bullet time’, but rather ‘ma’; the notion of a negative space between events or objects.

  3. scribblingwoman

    Your kung fu is most impressive
    Ping-pong. Go here. Really. From jill/txt….

  4. A lecturer's tale...

    Matrix scene parodies
    On Wednesday we spent a little while laughing at this Mario Bros version of the Matrix Reloaded Smith vs Neo fight scene…

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