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  1. Stephanie

    Oh! I am so jealous! Just when we UmeÂns thought that spring was on its way, we get 5 straight days of snow and *cold* wind. Enjoy the sun for all of us here in the frozen, cold Artic!

  2. Jill

    Well, I expect you noticed my feet are still stockinged, and it did rain again this afternoon. But only for a little while 🙂

    Spring can’t HELP but come along soon now!

  3. Lars

    Oh, for a bit of rain… not to mention that deliciously green grass peeking up between the stones there. It’s thirteen below zero here in Varanger(centigrade, but still sorta chilly) and still a good ten inches of snow on my lawn. Sigh.
    I listen to the birds singing, and I know spring is already here. “Come mate with me, I’ve got a great voice and a neat and warm little nest all ready for you,” they chirp. A nice kind of spring if you’re allergic to pollen. I’m not.

  4. Norman

    Here just north of Sydney in Australia, autumn has arrived, but we still need to leave windows open of a night so that the house will cool down. At my daughter’s home nearby, they’re still using their outdoor swimming pool. Naturally, it’s not as warm here as it is in more northerly parts of Australia.
    But climate isn’t everything. We’re unbelievably short on meiaeval fortifications, churches and the like, so don’t feel too badly.

  5. Jill

    Ah, I do long for warmth though. I love Australian summers. Possibly because they’re scarce, for me…

  6. Noriko

    Australian sun is….

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