Some mailing list I seem to be on is on one of those surreal email circles where everyone tells everyone else they’re automatically out of the office, each automated response triggering a new automated response from someone else’s computer. My favourites are these:

Due to exceptionally high volumes of Spam Mail, we have been forced toGreetings,

This message has been automatically generated in response to the
creation of a trouble ticket regarding: “Linux Game Publishing Antispam – Your message is being held”, a summary of which appears below.

There is no need to reply to this message right now. Your ticket has been
assigned an ID of [ #26387].

Please include the string: [ #26387] in the subject line of all future correspondence about this issue. To do so, you may reply to this message.

Thank you,

Isn’t technology glorious?

3 thoughts on “how computers converse

  1. Lisbeth Klastrup

    Heh – they’ve been singing the exact same song to me all day, I wonder if it is a very sofisticated virus disguised as spam mail ;)?

  2. Jill

    Or maybe it’s art?

  3. JoseAngel

    Anyway it’s a great way to get rid of someone who is e-mailing you for an appointment you don’t want.

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