Oh no. Three people have tagged me to do the “Five things you didn’t know about me” meme. Ndesanjo Macha, who’s fifth thing we didn’t know about him is that he is a disiple of Houdini and can disappear in front of your eyes (can these five things be fictional do you think?), and Torill Mortensen, who has hand-painted a whole set of china (I would never have guessed), and Karin, who danced ballet. Oh no. I even thought of doing it but what would I write that I haven’t already told the world that I’d actually be OK with the world knowing? I mean, I can’t disappear while you watch (well, not literally) and I never ran for president, either.

What would you want to know, anyway?

I wish I’d run for president of the United States. I suppose you’ve got to be a citizen, really, though Ethan ran despite being under 35 and therefore ineligible. Look, here’s the form you fill out, courtesy of 4ied.net’s post on How to Run For President of the United States. Doesn’t look too hard, really. Though from filing the form to getting on the ballots and getting the votes, well, a bit too complicated and expensive for most of us, I reckon.

9 thoughts on “five things – oh no

  1. Karin

    Funny you should mention the president thing, thought of that myself for this “5 secrets”. When I was a kid I actually considered becoming the American president as a goal, despite being Swedish and all. Came to my senses, in all respects, regarding that one too…

    And by the way, I absolutely understand if you won’t follow up on this, you probably have far better things to do! Happy New Year

  2. torill

    Muhaha! (that’s the trademarket evil laugh, right?

    Curious as I am, I have spent time to think about why this particular meme is so annoying, and at the same time so persistent. I think the interesting part of this meme is the challenge between what people don’t know about you, and what part of that knowledge you are able to share. We do, after all, have a huge stack of things people don’t know – and we are very grateful they don’t. But when you have to sit down and figure out what things about you is so out of synch with your personality that you don’t share it in random conversations, and still is within the range of socially acceptable, well, it’s a challenge! At least when you’re as old and set in the behaviour people recognize as I am. Probably why many have to go back to the childhood, a time of innocence and experimentation in order to find those publishable secrets.

  3. Liz Lawley

    Yes, well. I tagged you too, but apparently you missed that. 🙂

    As to why this one has been so infectious, I think some of it is timing. It came out at a time of year when many of us don’t really want to write about daily life, because it’s too personal or stressful or frustrating. And at a time when people are feeling like they ought to be writing _something_ to open or close the year.

    But yes, I think Torill’s right–the tension and challenge of striking a balance in the “five things” is seductive. It’s also interesting to me how people seemed to pick up cues from those who’d tagged them. So there was a whole “picky eater/food preferences” branch that I was a part of.

  4. Luca

    I’m really amused by this meme. It force you to make something that you ‘d rather prefer not to do. So why it works? I had a post-it on my computer for a whole day with “5 things you don’t know” written on it… and I something has been added or deleted more than a couple of time. Muhaha! (C)

  5. Jill

    Hey, Liz, you didn’t tag me! Not that I mightn’t have ignored it and then forgotten it – I was planning to do that with Torill’s tag until I received emails from two other taggers in the same day…

    Interesting thoughts from all of you about the peculiarities of the meme – not that that’ll maek it any easier to do it!!

  6. Liz Lawley

    Ha! You’re right. I remember now. I had you on the list, then I remember that you almost never do these things, so I took you off and replaced you with Adam. 🙂

  7. Jill

    Aha, there ya go!

  8. fivecats

    I even thought of doing it but what would I write that I havenít already told the world that Iíd actually be OK with the world knowing?

    Why, the five things you were most afraid you’d be asked, of course!

  9. Jill

    Aha! And I wouldn’t even have to ANSWER those things. Hm.

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