OK, now when I wrote about war and protests I wasn’t actually deliberately cloaking “the real point” in a tent of metaphors, no, only in retrospect did I see the slippage of meaning from emotions to blog. In retrospect I might as well have done it deliberately, I suppose, and in many ways it doesn’t matter whether it was conscious or not, but it still seems rather peculiar to read about people who are opposed to lies and use my pointing out my own slippage as an example. No, it wasn’t about private meanings and it’s frankly rather far fetched to call it lying. Not telling all, absolutely. Who does? For goodness sake.

4 thoughts on “private meaning?

  1. kasei

    I had no intention of implying your post was an example of lying… only that it seems common to find weblogs where a post, regardless of written content, has a private meaning for the author. Sorry if it came off that way.

  2. Norman

    Cheer up Jill. Even I’m not perfect. Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

  3. Jill

    Oh, it cheers me up no end, Norman 😉

  4. Life on Mars

    Truth in Blogging
    I find myself opposed to this sort of private meaning to blogging, but am intrigued by its seemingly common usage.

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