Filched from Esther because that’s how I think of those distances too – and because I can’t actually go visit these places tonight but have to read about reorganisation and read student work and comment both and have ideas instead.

Ruther’an Village – Darkshire = one cup of tea
Ruther’an – Astrannaar = time it takes to go to the shop for teabags and back (I liked the distance vs distance of this one)
Sun Rock Retreat – Thunder Bluff = sort and load washing machine
Menthil – Stormwind = four pages of lit crit, approx 12 of fiction book, pause to look at the crashed biplane again.
Crossroads – Ogrimmar = put out clothes and teaching for work in the morning.

5 thoughts on “distance in azeroth

  1. Luca

    During the last days I’ve been used to be in Undercity (to join BG) and then to fly to BootyBay to do my quests…
    very very very long flight!
    That’s the bad side.
    The bright one is that acting in such a wide world gives you the opportunity to have always a new palce to visit
    or a new mountain to reach or a new village to discover (at least until you’re 60) and this makes playing in wow
    like some kind of touristic experience.

  2. torill

    Orgimmar – Tanaris: Take a shower and dress
    Undercity – Kargath: prepare a nice little meal which can be eaten at the computer
    Silithus – Winterspring: Run down and over the street to the laundromat and throw the clothes in the dryer

  3. torill

    Oh, and Luca? From Undercity to Stranglethorn: use the Zeppeliner! Much faster, and the flight from Grom’gol to Booty Bay is a quick little local trip.

  4. Peder

    Since I’m a moral degenrate, i make everything into how many sigarettes I can smoke before I go back to my computer..

  5. Peder

    Doh… hate spelling degenerate wrong.

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