Esther photographed last week’s story-telling contest and compiled a lovely tale of it all. I’m not going to tell you whether I won or not because that would compromise my character’s anonymity, but it sure was a lot of fun! And I’m so happy I’ve now tried story-telling in WoW. Now maybe I’ll find the courage to sign up for one of the story-telling events with people I don’t already know…

4 thoughts on “a picture story of our story-telling contest

  1. Ali

    Actually, for those of us who have paid attention to your blog and looked at Esther’s pictures your character’s annonymity has already been compromised….

  2. Jill

    Yeah, I sort of figure that, but I’d rather the bits of my life required a little deduction and reading over time to piece together than that they be utterly transparent – like Lilia.


  3. Esther

    Happy to take the references down as always!

    E x

  4. Jill

    Nah, Esther, not a problem – I don’t need to be utterly anonymous, just a little obscure 🙂

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