I’ve disabled SnapShots on this blog – it was that cool gimmick thing that let you see a preview of a page by hovering over a link. They added ads. And there doesn’t seem to be any way of opting out of the ads, although the blogger can opt in so she gets money off the ads. While I appreciate that many bloggers like ways to earn extra cash off their readers, I don’t want ads on this blog, so unfortunately, SnapShots has to go.

Pity. I rather liked it. Not enough to put up with its ads, though.

2 thoughts on “bye bye snapshots

  1. Helge Tenn¯

    Funny that, personally I have really disliked “snapshots”. As I have found very little use for the application on the pages where I have seen it installed (to small images of almost always similar looking websites that doesn’t really give you all that much to persuade you to take action). And of-course the annoyingly large popups jumping up when you incidentally move your mouse over a link on the page.

    Now I am reading the jill/txt blog through a newsreader so I haven’t been bothered on this site, but I find it interesting that you kind of endorse annoying popups but at the same time disapprove of them if there is an advertising message in there.

    And this is not only on his blog of course, but many bloggers publicly disapproving of intrusive advertising (me included of course) installing this plugin on their own media-channel. I have always found that a bit weird and interesting at the same time :o)


  2. Jill Walker Rettberg

    A week or two after installing SnapShots I ran a poll for readers of this blog about whether or not to keep it, and nearly twice as many loved it as hated it – also, a significant number hadn’t noticed it.

    I liked it before they put in the advertising, but certainly not enough to put up with the new advertisements!

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