5 thoughts on “good things

  1. jon

    curious choice: 7.
    10 5 or 3 I would expect. But 7?

  2. Lisa

    I think the pleasure is in the juxtaposition of 6 and 7. There’s tremendous peace in the quiet surrounding a sleeping child.

  3. Lisa

    Oops. Totally misread your meaning, Jon.

    7 is an incantatory number, along with 3.

    And what’s the magic number for links in a menu?

  4. Jill

    Oh yes, seven’s a good number. And yes, the peace, and after a day warmed by sun and friends. This is good.

  5. Mentalspace

    Good things
    waking up freshhonours group beersputting two and two togetherlaughingwalking home from the bus stop at nightlisteningcrossing off listsThanks to Jill,

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